MicroSoft Word Advanced

Course Content (one day)

Lesson 1: Advanced Styles
• Using the AutoFormat feature
• Linking styles
• Managing styles

Lesson 2: Creating and using template
• Examining templates
• Creating and formatting a template
• Enhancing a template
• Customizing a template work environment

Lesson 3: Creating forms
• Creating a form
• Enhancing a form template
• Form options

Lesson 4: Using graphic effects
• Drawing in a document
• Working with clip art and graphic effects
• Creating an organization chart

Lesson 5: Creating a report
• Preparing part of a report
• Working with a master document
• Generating a table of contents and table of figures

Lesson 6: Document layout
• Using sections to control layout
• Formatting a document for binding

Lesson 7: Sharing documents
• Routing a document
• Using revisions
• Using passwords


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