MicroSoft Word Introduction

Course Content (one day)

Lesson 1: Word for Windows basics
• Introduction to Word for Windows
• The basics of entering text
• The File, Save As command

Lesson 2: Opening and editing a document
• The Open command
• Editing a document; using the AutoCorrect feature
• Previewing and printing a document
• Creating a new document

Lesson 3: Navigating in Word for Windows
• Scrolling in a document
• Moving the insertion point in a document

Lesson 4: Using Word for Windows Help
• Help basics
• Additional Help features

Lesson 5: Additional editing techniques
• Techniques for selecting text
• The Edit, Replace command
• The Edit, Undo command
• Moving and copying text
• Editing in Print Preview

Lesson 6: Character formatting
• Character formats
• Fonts and font sizes

Lesson 7: Paragraph formatting
• Paragraph alignment
• Paragraph borders
• Working with indents, numbered lists, and bulleted lists
• Line breaks and line spacing

Lesson 8: Introduction to tabs and tables
• Tabs
• Creating a table
• Using the Table, Table AutoFormat command to format a table

Lesson 9: Controlling page appearance
• Headers and Footers
• Margins
• Page Breaks

Lesson 10: Proofing tools
• Using the spelling checker
• Using the thesaurus
• Using the grammar checker

Lesson 11: Inserting files and graphics
• Inserting files
• Exiting Word for Windows

Lesson 7: Printing


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