Microsoft PowerPoint Advanced

Course Content (one day)

Lesson 1: Working with templates
• Working with presentations
• Creating your own template
• Working with fonts

Lesson 2: Working with graphic objects
• Working with clip art
• Using AutoCorrect and the Style Checker

Lesson 3: Importing and embedding objects
• Creating a table
• Enhancing the table
• Editing the table
• Importing and embedding charts

Lesson 4: Advanced drawing techniques
• Aligning and rotating flow-chart objects
• Enhancing flow-chart objects

Lesson 5: Additional PowerPoint features
• Customizing PowerPoint toolbars
• Other customization options
• Working with the Internet and hyperlinks

Lesson 6: Examining animation and multimedia
• Working with animation
• Multimedia

Lesson 7: Working with meeting notes
• Using the Meeting Minder
• Sending slides to Word


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