Microsoft PowerPoint Introduction

Course Content (one day)

Lesson 1: Introduction to PowerPoint
• Starting PowerPoint and opening a presentation
• Orientation to the PowerPoint presentation screen
• Orientation to views

Lesson 2: Beginning a presentation
• Creating a title and bullet slide in Slide view
• Creating a slide in Outline view
• Editing slides
• Spelling

Lesson 3: Drawing tools
• Working with drawing tools
• Working with text and drawn objects
• Enhancing drawn objects

Lesson 4: Clip art and WordArt
• Using clip art
• Using WordArt

Lesson 5: Organization charts and Microsoft Graph
• Creating an organization chart
• Organization-chart options
• Orientation to Microsoft Graph
• Editing a column chart

Lesson 6: Templates and the Slide Master
• Selecting and applying a template
• Changing text and bullets in the Slide Master
• Removing Slide Master objects and adding a footer

Lesson 7: Slide shows, output, and presentation options
• Slide show options
• Adding transitions and animation to a slide show
• Running a manual and an automatic slide show
• Working with speaker notes
• Printing a presentation


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