InDesign Basic Skills Il

Course Content (one day)

Lesson 1: Master Page Setup
• Setting Up Documents and Masters
• Basing Masters on Others
• Applying Master Pages to Multiple Document Pages

Lesson 2: Advanced Styles
• Local Overrides in Styles
• Basing One Style on Another
• Importing and Redefining Styles

Lesson 3: Manipulating Text
• Find/Change
• Nested Frames
• Tracking and Kerning
• Scaling Text

Lesson 4: Page Elements and Graphics
• Dragging Items Between Documents
• File Formats
• Libraries

Lesson 5: Bézier Shapes
• Bézier Shapes Overview
• The Pen Tool
• Editing Bézier Paths
• Compound Paths

Lesson 6: Sectioning Documents
• Sectioning Documents


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