Microsoft FrontPage Introduction

Course Content (one day)

Lesson 1: Orientation to the FrontPage environment
• Viewing a completed web
• Using FrontPage Explorer
• Using FrontPage Editor

Lesson 2: Building a web
• Creating a new web
• Applying themes
• Formatting text on a web page

Lesson 3: Linking web pages
• Creating internal links
• Creating external links
• Testing and revising links
• Creating a Navigation bar

Lesson 4: Adding images and special features to the web
• Inserting images
• Using images with hyperlinks
• Adding web extras

Lesson 5: Working with tables
• Creating a table
• Enhancing a table
• Drawing a table

Lesson 6: Working with frames
• Creating framed pages
• Modifying frames

Lesson 7: Additional web functions
• Assigning tasks
• Creating a web by using a wizard
• Deleting webs
• Publishing your webs


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