FreeHand Advanced

Course Content (one day)

Lesson 1: Multiple Page Documents
Color Management
Creating Additional Pages
Navigating to Pages
Rearranging Pages

Lesson 2: Graphic Formats
Graphic File Formats
Creating Shockwave Files
Tracing Raster Images

Lesson 3: Drawing Efficiently
Creating an Embossed Effect
Creating a Half Drop Tiled Pattern
Drawing On Angles
Lesson 4: Advanced Type
Setting Display Type
Type Shortcuts
Importing Text
Flowing Text

Lesson 5: Preparing for Output
Delete Xtras
Banding with Gradients and Blends

Lesson 6: Trapping
How Does Trapping Compensate?
How Much Trap Do I Need?
Should I Choke or Spread?
Do All Abutting Colors Need Trapping?
Should I Use FreeHand For Trapping?
Trapping Filled Objects
Trapping Lines
Avoiding Unnecessary Trapping
Trap Xtra
Trapping Text
Overprinting Instead of Trapping

Lesson 7: Printing
Printing Composites
Printing Color Separations

Downloading the Shockwave Plug-in
Viewing Shockwave Files in a Web Browser
Adding a Shockwave File to an HTML Page


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