Internet Explorer Introduction

Course Content (one day)

Lesson 1: Overview of Internet Explorer
• Overview of the Internet and the World Wide Web
• Orientation to Internet Explorer

Lesson 2: Browsing the Web
• AutoComplete and Automatic Searching
• Using Favorites to Return to Web Sites
• Using Search Tools
• Organizing Favorites
• Finding People and Businesses

Lesson 3: Getting Help
• Using Internet Explorer’s Help System
• Getting Help Through the Web

Lesson 4: Introduction to Outlook Express
• Email
• Managing Contacts
• Newsgroups
• Net Etiquette

Lesson 5: Downloading Files
• Using WinZip
• Downloading Files From FTP Sites

Lesson 6: Setting Internet Options
• Setting General Internet Options
• Content Advisor
• Using Plug-ins

Lesson 7: Using a Personalized Home Page
• Personalizing the MSN Home Page
• Other Home Page Options


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