What we’re going to do next isn’t in your book…

Though most classes I instruct follow some type of courseware, every class is a custom class dependent upon the students needs, prior experience and curiosity. To learn a program well requires a certain amount of play, experimentation and fearlessness. I have on occasion developed courseware when adequate courseware was not available.

The outlines listed below are general outlines and can be (usually are) customized to facilitate comprehension, productivity, and ease of learning. Some outlines are the same for similar software packages.

I am familiar with a variety of courseware but I especially recommend Element K Press for one-day classes and Adobe’s Classroom In A Book for two-day classes.


PhotoShop Introduction

PhotoShop Advanced
PhotoShop Print Production
PhotoShop Web Production
ImageReady Web Production
Illustrator Introduction
Illustrator Intermediate
Illustrator Advanced
• MetaCreations Painter
Freehand Introduction
Freehand Intermediate
Freehand Advanced


Operating Systems
Macintosh Introduction
Macintosh Advanced
• Windows Introduction


Internet Browsing
Netscape Communicator
Internet Explorer

Web Authoring
Dreamweaver Introduction
Dreamweaver Advanced
GoLive Introduction
GoLive Advanced
FrontPage Introduction
FrontPage Advanced
Claris HomePage
(online course I developed)


PowerPoint Introduction
PowerPoint Advanced
Word Introduction
Word Intermediate
Word Advanced

• Outlook Express


Page Layout
Quark Basic Skills I
Quark Basic Skills II
Quark Type Design
Quark Print Production
InDesign Basics Skills l
InDesign Basics Skills ll
• PageMaker Basics
• PageMaker Type Design
• PageMaker Production l
• PageMaker Production ll



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