“I need to learn this program for a project due yesterday…”

I work my schedule around my clients needs. Classes are usually one-day or two-day intensive courses focusing on application comprehension, productivity and knowledge retention. Not to mention all keystrokes and shortcuts I’ve learned over the years. Half-day classes are also available (4 hour minimum).


“My friend suggested I take your class…”

Most of the classes I instruct are for corporate clients with their own onsite training facilities. If you are interested in open enrollment classes, either call one of the training providers listed on my clients page or contact me and I'll refer you to a training provider.


“Most classes move too slow (or fast) for me…”

I specialize in one-to-one training and consulting in your office or home, at your pace. Because I focus on individual goals and needs, many students can learn more with me in a few hours than a standard two-day class.


“My boss wants to know…?”

Class prices vary depending upon what, where and how many. I can best assess your needs and offer solutions if I can speak with you directly. Please contact me or send e-mail to martin@artefx.com.


Artefx Computer Training