…and the instructor said, “Go to the File Menu and choose New Folder”.

I thought what’s a file menu? I don’t remember having an old folder and now I need a new one? Bewildered, I waited for everyone to get up and go to the file cabinet so I could follow along and choose my new folder…  I started to climb my first computer learning curve.

That was my experience when I started to learn about computers. And I've never forgotten what it feels like to be a confused beginner. When you hire me, you get a qualified teacher who understands both the program AND how to reach the student.

Over 15 years of stand-up classroom experience!

The list below includes the most popular applications that I teach, for both Macintosh and Windows platforms. If you're interested in a program that isn't listed, please contact me, since I may either have taught it or know someone who has.


Adobe Instructor


Certified Instructor


Certified Technical Trainer



Web Authoring Applications
Adobe Dreamweaver
Adobe Flash

Claris HomePage
Microsoft FrontPage
Symantec VisualPage
Adobe PageMill

Page Layout Applications
Adobe InDesign
Quark Xpress
Adobe PageMaker

Standard Applications
Microsoft Word
Microsoft PowerPoint
Macintosh or Windows OS
Web Browsing and E-mail

Other Graphic Applications
Adobe ImageReady

MetaCreations Design Painter
Macromedia Freehand
Adobe Persuasion
Claris Draw
Corel Draw
FreeLance Graphics



Artefx Computer Training