The web sites I’ve created are listed here.
I have worked closely with my clients to produce these custom web sites. The links to these sites will open in a separate browser window. The web sites are listed in chronological order of creation. Thank you for visiting,
- Martin Dunn


Morgan and Associates

A high-tech design for a high-tech Silicon Valley client.CSS - Div tag layouts and formatting . Use of javascript for gallery effects and opening specific size browser windows. An excellent out-of-the-box design.



Ruth & Werner Plaut Kindergarten and Community Center

A new website for a non-profit foundation benefiting children in a small rural village in the Dominican Republic. Unique design, great photos, original artwork and easy navigation make this a fun and informative site for a great cause. After creating an original design I helped the client extensively with content organization and choosing photos for galleries.

While creating and building this website I was blessed with the opportunity to spend a few weeks here teaching music classes to children. I taught 30 students how to play a recorder and to make their own music. And they taught me Spanish. We shared a special bond of laughter and love, this being one of the most rewarding experiences of my life. I was sponsored by Fil-Armonia an organization that brings music, teachers and instruments to poor children in cities and rural villages of the Dominican Republic.



The Blue Moon Retreat Center and Indian Restaurant

The Blue Moon Retreat Center is a beautiful place on the island of Hispanola in the Dominican Republic. I was fortunate to stay there for 3 weeks while creating this visually stunning website. I worked with a professional photographer for some of the restaurant photos. I redesigned the logo for this dramatic website which captures the magic and ambiance of this unique place in a unique country. The clients love the site and it as increased their business and success.







This website for a meditation retreat center is my largest and most complex project to date. A new creative logo and CSS page design with excellent navigation full of eye candy and animated banners for each section. Responsible for all of the design work and production, helping with the information architecture and writing. This ongoing project is a great display of my skill set using Flash, PhotoShop and DreamWeaver.











Flash Sites

Bob Barner Books
Bob Barner is an award winning, extremely popular, children’s book author. He is a highly sought after speaker and travels all over the country visiting elementary schools. His web site is filled with fun, color and animation. Site navigation was created with my ideas and suggestions. The fun animations were my own creative implementations.






Ashley Wolff  Book Author and Illustrator
Ashley is a well known and popular children’s book author. She visits many schools and libraries. She needed a fun yet very informative site. I helped her extensively to organize her site content and created an excellent navigation system so users can easily explore her site or find what they are looking for quickly. Ashley's site includes a jigsaw puzzle and slide show of her prints for sale.







HTML Sites

Natural High's Massage & More
A unique design and engaging imagery welcome you into this new website. I worked closely with Carol and Doug High to organize and develop clear and concise content. I created modern layout with a personal touch for them to enhance and grow their business. I helped to rewrite much of their textual content from a objective view point with the intent of attracting new clientele.
highs logo



The Artery Gallery and Frame Shop
A fresh template of my own design was used to totally change the clients website. Two new sections were added in addition to the content of the old web site. CSS and javascript are used for easy navigation features and formatting. The client was very happy with the contemporary look and the use of his artwork for the background. I wish he would have let me design a new logo for him.



Black Diamond Offer Solutions
A simple yet creative web site with nice design and easy navigation to promote a small business.. The client provided the text content and images with my encouragement and recommendations. I helped with some copy editing.
black diamong logo



Jim Dillinger Photography
A complex sight with over 100 photographic images in 5 main categories and several sub categories. Easy to navigate and a visual treat. I designed the user interface and was responsible for the site navigation, image processing, page production and page layout.



A high tech web site for the Majikam company, developers of the Majikam E-Postcard and Live Image Interface. I did all of the corporate branding, web site design, production and most of the writing for the web site.



Heritage Partners
The design look and feel for this site matches my client's vision. All page layout and image processing and site navigation were my ideas and implementation.



AHAM Meditation and Retreat Centers
A very deep sight... I designed the graphic user interface and page layout for ease of navigability and rich visual appeal. I worked closely with the client on the information architecture and presentation. This site also includes several Flash presentations designed by me that are used for guided meditations. There is also an extensive on-line bookstore and downloadable sound files.



Burgundy Wine & Water Tours
This web site features luxury vacations of the Burgundy wine region of France. I created all of the original artwork, information architecture, page layout and production.



A View Of San Francisco
An e-commerce online art gallery featuring local Bay Area artists and images of urban landscapes. I did all of the page design and navigation for this site as well as the corporate branding and some of the writing.



Love To Sail
Love To Sail is an ASA certified sailing school located in Folsom Lake California. There are a great many links to other sailing sites, pictures of the boats, maps, sound, a guest list and captain’s biography. I created all the original art and page layout for this site. Writing and content were supplied by the client.



Weir Farm Kid’s Page
J. Alden Weir was one of America's first impressionist painters. His summer home in Connecticut is now a National Historic Site. This site features a virtual tour of the farm, an online gallery and a photo album. All for kids! For this project I was responsible for site development, navigation system and all web page production. Illustrations and writing by Bob Barner.




BioMatch provides experienced advice to biopharmaceutical companies seeking partners and/or funding for
development and commercialization. Site design and layout were entirely my own.




Nob Hill Convention Center
The Nob Hill Convention Center is under construction and so is their web site. The outline and navigation are finished. The content is still waiting on the client. It is listed here as a design for viewing purposes only.


Artefx Portfolio
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