The font used through out this web site is my own creation. I drew the individual characters using Adobe Illustrator. Then using Macromedia Fontographer I made it a working font ready to be loaded and used on most operating systems. The font family is named artefx and includes bold, italic and outline styles.



I used Illustrator to create this logo for the new Avalon Ballroom.




I worked in Quark and PhotoShop to create the layout and artwork for this 6 panel music CD insert, including front and back cover panels, and the disk artwork pictured below.

Click on the CD to view the artwork for the jewel case insert.





The logos below were created using Illustrator and PhotoShop. Rob Aiman and I collaborated on these designs as well as a number of other projects. Rob is an exceptiona illustrator and design consultant.

Rob and I created this logo together. Rob did numerous pencil and ink drawings until we got the look the client wanted then I did the digital work.


This logo was printed on buttons.


This logo was printed on T-shirts.





I created this illustration using Illustrator and colored
it in PhotoShop for a poem titled Mermaid Dreams.



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